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Insulation Springfield, TN

At Energy Solutions, we offer insulation in Springfield, TN. Spray foam is one of the best insulations but it should be applied by a professional insulation contractor. Read on to find out more about PPE that is used by insulation contractors and areas where you should avoid foam insulation.

PPE Used by Insulation Contractors

Insulators that deal with spray foam insulation in Springfield, TN use certain protective clothing. Some of the gear is listed below.

Skin protection

Spray foam insulation contractors in Springfield, TN wear a bodysuit when installing spray foam insulation. Disposable suits made of chemically resistant material are the best sort of protective apparel. These often cover the entire body and keep hazardous chemicals from touching the body.


Gloves come in a variety of styles and sizes. PVC, butyl rubber, or fabric gloves coated in neoprene or nitrile are a few examples. Gloves are an essential aspect of protective apparel, and it is critical that the proper gloves are utilized for any spray foam insulation-related activity.


Specialized Air Purifying Respirators and Supplied Air Respirators are used during insulation in Springfield, TN. These are used to remove contaminants from the air in the area where foam insulation is being sprayed.

Eye protections

When installing spray foam insulation, all spray foam insulation contractors use eye protection. Because some spray foam may spill into the eyes during installation, eye protection is essential. Aside from that, fumes, aerosols, and dust might irritate the eyes.

Where to Avoid Using Spray Foam Insulation?

Though spray foam insulation in Springfield, TN can be used in almost all areas, it should be avoided in certain spaces. Listed below are certain areas that it should not be sprayed.

Near an electrical box

Although spray foam insulation in Springfield, TN can be installed in the area between an electrical box and a wall, it is not advised. This is because spray foam expands many times its original volume. When sprayed in the area it can easily enter the electrical box and clog it. Because it is combustible, you should never use it near an electrical box.

Next to recessed ceiling lights

Using spray foam insulation in Springfield, TN near or above recessed ceiling lightboxes, or in areas next to them, increases the risk of a fire. Some canister lights may be rated for close contact with insulation. But you should contact an insulation contractor before you use foam insulation near these lights.

In case of health problems

Because spray foam insulation in Springfield, TN contains isocyanates, exposure to these chemicals can be particularly hazardous. The risk can increase if you have skin or respiratory problems, such as asthma, or if your immune system is damaged. Sometimes foam insulation can have an effect on some people even after it has dried. 

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