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Insulation Dickson, TN

At Energy Solutions, we extend our services to Dickson, TN. If you are planning on installing insulation in Dickson, TN, in your home or commercial space spray foam insulation is a great option. Spray foam insulation has several advantages over traditional types of insulation. However, it is always better to know more about it before you can finalize using it.

Does Spray Foam Insulation Need a Vapor Barrier?

A common question is whether you need to use a vapor barrier along with spray foam insulation in Dickson, TN. A vapor barrier was frequently necessary with older insulation such as cellulose and fiberglass to minimize moisture from entering the home.

The purpose of a vapor barrier is to keep vapor and moisture from permeating the wall. Vapor barriers have occasionally done more harm than good. But they are advised to be used in particular climates such as in extremely hot or cold areas, when using cellulose or fiberglass insulation.

However, there is no need to construct an extra vapor barrier when installing spray foam insulation in Dickson, TN. This is due to fact that spray foam insulation itself acts as a vapor barrier. Spray foam insulation is the only insulation that serves as a thermal insulator, vapor barrier, and air barrier while also providing a full air seal. 

Thus, an added advantage of installing spray foam insulation in Dickson, TN is that it does not need a vapor barrier. However, you could always consult your insulation contractor on advice regarding a vapor barrier and whether you need to use it or not for your insulation needs.

Is Spray Foam Eco-Friendly?

Today the world is moving towards reducing its carbon footprint and an important consideration is whether your insulation in Dickson, TN is eco-friendly or not. You may have heard the term “off-gassing”.

The phrase “off-gassing” refers to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are released during the installation of spray foam insulation. This is because isocyanates are VOCs that are found in the insulation. However, VOCs can also be found in many other everyday goods, such as body spray or hair spray cans. While earlier spray foam insulation products in Dickson, TN gave off more gases, today premium products do not off-gas as much.

Additionally, spray foam insulation in Dickson, TN is absolutely safe after it has cured. Because the curing time is often between 24 and 48 hours, your insulation contractor will advise you to leave your home for a certain period, until it is safe to return.

Spray foam insulation in Dickson, TN is eco-friendly also because it is long-lasting and won’t end up in the landfill soon. It also helps to reduce your energy bills as you will not be using as much energy for heating and cooling.

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